Martin Park Nature Center

The park is 144 acres big. It’s a place where you can explore and learn about nature. If your the adventurous type you will enjoy the 2.5 mile walk they have through the woods and grasslands of the park. There is plenty of little hikes to take outside the main trail as well. You can get a map of the park so you know for sure where you’re going.

If you bring on the little ones there also a playground called the Pollinators Playground. It’s not just a playground but also there is a education center as well for the whole family. It showcases a variety of reptile and insects species, as well as an nature library premium wedges.

Another neat spot is the Observation Bee Hive. You will actually get to see 8,000 active bees. The bees have open access to and from the park grounds their latest blog on heating systems, where they can gather pollen and nectar and take back to hive to produce honey.

There is plenty or programs & volunteer spots as well for all ages. You can also rent out the Picnic Pavilon for Birthday parties or events.

To check out more information about the park click this link below: