Oklahoma Black Bear Hunting

   2023 Oklahoma Hunting Season

We have been hunting public land in Teas the past few years, making a handful of trips throughout the year. As I’m not too far away from the Oklahoma\Texas border and have had a lifetime Oklahoma license since I was 17, it was time to look into putting it to good use.

Oklahoma Black Bear Hunting

Option 1 is to go black bear hunting. This isn’t going to be an easy, and most likely an expensive tag. It’s not clear if I can get my in-state bear tag, being a dual resident with a Oklahoma lifetime hunting and fishing lic. The out of state bear tags are about $500

There are only a very limited number of black bears that can be taken in Oklahoma during the hunting season. It’s normally set at around 20. You have to call in every day to see if the quote was hit the previous day. Once the 20th bear is harvested, the season comes to an end. If you are brave enough you can get an early start to the season and try after one with your bow. I’m not sure I have it in me to try to take my first bear with archery equipment.

The best place to hunt for black bears in Oklahoma is the Southeastern Part of the state around Broken Bow Lake. There is a decent amount of public land, and it’s also where many of the private bear hunting also takes place.

Oklahoma Public Land Hog Hunting

You can hog hunt year round in Oklahoma with a rifle or shotguns with slugs. Some of the public grounds on our list of possible places to hunt include:

Hackberry Flat WMA/WRP
Sandy Sanders WMA
Waurika WMA

Oklahoma Public Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail deer and turkeys’ are two popular choices for public hunting in the Sooner state.  I have been a few times to mountains in the southeastern part of the state with no luck. Much like Texas, most of the hunting is done on private land.

Goose Hunting

Oklahoma is a top notch goose hunting destination. It’s in prime winter nesting and flight paths of the migrating geese and also boasts a very healthy local population. Resident Canada geese (Branta canadensis maxima) on the other hand, are largely non-migratory, and reside year around throughout Oklahoma. Their population has exploded with modern ag production, and the bag limits and seasons for Geese are generous in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma hunters can hunt geese from November through January with generous bag limits.. Here are some places to hunt geese in Oklahoma:

Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area & Center. Wetlands with ducks, geese, and quail.

Osage Hills Wildlife Management Area One of the  most popular place to hunt public land in Oklahoma.

Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge – Pheasants, quail, dove, ducks, geese, and Sandhill Cranes.

North Oklahoma

Oologah Lake
Verdigris River Valley
Fort Gibson
Grand Lake
Keystone Lake

Panhandle Optima Lake

South\Central Oklahoma

Kerr Lake
Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge
Wister, Hugo
Red Slough
Texoma. Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

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