Lakes of Oklahoma


Oklahoma is home to many outstanding lake and rivers. All of the large lakes are man made, as are many of the small ones. Grand, Texaoma, and Ten Killer are the large lakes that are popular tourist destinations with golf courses, camping, swimming parks, and other water activities. They are  filled with party houses, party coves, and party yachts. Most of the medium sized towns have a small lake that frequently has decent bass fishing.  Here is a list of great lakes around the state of Oklahoma.


Location: North East – Just outside of Tulsa.

Grand Lake is the largest lake in Oklahoma and has it all. It’s a party lake, with many bars, and a cove full of party boats. “Dripping Springs” is the main destination spot. Several of the bars have slips for restaurants and late night party goers. The crowd can be a bit college heavy, like most resort towns. The fishing is good as well, although the water can get rough with all the big boats. There is a nice hotel with a golf course and convention center, making it unique for Oklahoma Lakes.


Location: South Central Oklahoma – On the Texas/Oklahoma border

On the red river, ½ of Texoma is in Texas, and the other half is in Oklahoma. There is an OK resort, with a golf course, airport, and fun-park; it has very nice tent camping, and a crappy hotel with a crappy tennis court. The fishing in Texoma is legendary. The Stripper fishing used to be some of the best in the world, until it got fished out about 20 years ago. The stripper fish are back and growing, however, and there are all sorts of charters available. We don’t know too much about the Texas side of the lake, since this is not “,” and Okies and Texans don’t exactly like each other very much. The staff of would be happy to support just about any candidate that advocated changing the name of this lake to “HomaTex.”


Location: East Central Oklahoma – Outside of Muskuge

Ten Killler is more low-key than Grand Lake, has better fishing, and not too much of a bar scene. Many locals have nice houses and the parties can be a blast. If some Okie offers to take you here, fun could be just around the corner.


Location: Central Oklahoma – Just Northwest of Oklahoma City
Lake Hefner features a golf course with spectacular views of the lake on almost every hole. Only about 15 miles from downtown Oklahoma City, this lake can get busy. With playgrounds, picnic tables, and various jogging and bike trails, theres something to do for every member of the family. There is a spa center only 4 miles away from the lake, and baseball and soccer fields on the premises.


Location: Central Oklahoma – Just Northeast of Oklahoma City

With over 1,800 acres and 26 miles of shoreline, Arcadia Lake is defintely for those trying to get away. Opportunities for picnicking, camping, swimming, fishing, water skiing, boating and hiking are all provided by the City of Edmond. The wildlife in Arcadia is booming, with animals from white-tailed deer to shrews. There are terrapins in the woodlands, and shrews in the fields. Constructed by the City of Edmond and the U.S. Army Core of Engineers, with the dam closed, the lake has a surface area of 3,820 acres.


Location: Central Oklahoma – Just Southeast of Oklahoma City

Lake Draper has primitive campsites near the southwest corner of the lake, horse riding, over 900 acres of motorcylce and atv trails, hiking trails, fishing, boating, and water skiing. The marina carries all the bait items you will need, is open 7 days a week, and also has public boat ramps and covered or uncovered fishing piers.


Location: South Central Oklahoma – About 100 miles Southeast of Oklahoma City

Formed by the Arbuckle Dam, a highlight of the Arbuckle Project, and located in the Arbuckle Mountains, the fishing at Lake of the Arbuckles is remarkable. The facilities feature hot showers in the campgrounds, playgrounds for children, beches for swimmers and large public boat ramps catering to the fisherman. Campsites are available with full RV hook-ups.


Location: South Central Oklahoma – 100 Miles South of Oklahoma City

This isn’t a lake, but a very cool swimming hole. With natural swimming pools, springs, cave formations, and the tallest waterfall in Oklahoma, measuring 77 feet, Turner Falls is perfect for those sweltering summer days. The falls are found on Honey Creek in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains, and the Turner Falls Park offers campsites, cabins, screened-in shelters, and 24-hour police patrols, for any campers in need.

Lake Murray

Considered the Oklahoma Lake with cleanest water, Lake Murray is located near the Oklahoma Texas Boarder just off of I-35 drive and has a large state park with one of the better places to swim in the state without a boat. The park has a golf course, camping, and is great for both boating and fishing. It’s smaller that the big party lakes and great choice for a kid friendly or relaxing trip. 

Broken Bow Lake

A little off the beat path, Broken Bow is a very beautiful small lake in the Easter part of the state. It’s one of our favorite places to go fishing. There are typically not very many ski boats and  plenty of hungry bass.

Lake Thunderbird

“Dirty Bird” as it’s know to the locals is just a few miles from Norman and one of the closest lake to downtown OKC where you can  water ski. We spent many of days on Dirty Bird as we could go water skiing after school sometimes. The nickname comes from the fact the water is very red from the clay in the area.

Lake Eufaula 

A large lake east of OKC the crossed I-40. It’s a cool lake, but we don’t spend too much time there as we typically are going to Ten Killer instead.

Stanley Draper Lake

A lake inside of OKC. There are a few places the kids like to drive 4X4 into and get the party raging. It’s probably a place best left for the locals and home to our first video published on the the Internet. 

Lake on our short list to visit

  • Lake Hudson
  • Oologah Lake
  • Keystone
  • Skiatook Lake
  • Kaw Lake
  • Pauls Valley Lake
  • Medicine Park
  • Waurika
  • Lake Elsworth
  • Tom Steed Reservoir