Summer Events

Vaccines are here and life is starting to turn back to normal in Oklahoma. With many of the restrictions being rolled back in the Sooner state, events and tourist attractions are also staring to open up for the locals and tourist alike. We have started to make our plans for many of the fun festivals and other events for the summer months ahead.

Pauls Valley Noodling Tournament – June 18 -19.

For those of you new to the sport of noodeling, it’s the practice of catching catfish with your hands. The basic idea is you find a catfish hole, and then stick your arm down it’s mouth and pull out the big cat. It’s a popular activity in Oklahoma, and the Pauls Valley noodeling tournament is the super bowl of noodeling.

Bricktown Reggae Fest – No info yet, hopelly is a go in 2021.

FLY Film Festival – Enid Oklahoma –

Red Earth Festival

Oklahoma INT – Grand Lake Wakeboading and water sports compettion

Bricktown Blues Festival